Monday, November 24, 2008

Pancakes, Pancakes! by: Eric Carle - Author Study

Pancakes, Pancakes! begins with a rooster waking Jack up; Jack decides he wants some pancakes for breakfast. Jack's mom is busy doing other things so she tells him that he will have to help her. She tells him to go out into the wheat field to get wheat, then go to the miller so the wheat can be ground into flour. When Jack returns home, he goes out to the chicken to get an egg; after he has the egg, he has to go milk the cow. Once he has the milk, he has to churn the cream from the milk to make butter. When the butter in churned, Jack has to get firewood and then goes to the cellar to get the strawberry jam. When Jack finally has everything he needs, his mom tells him how to make pancakes. Jack's mom cooks the pancakes and Jack gobbles them up! I would have been so hungry after going and getting all the "fresh" supplies, I am not surprised he instantly began to eat! After reading this book, I actually went and made some pancakes!

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