Monday, November 24, 2008

Heather Has Two Mommies by Leslea Newman - Banned Book

Heather Has Two Mommies has been challenged because of it's blunt words discussing artificial insemination and addressing homosexuality. After reading the book and doing some research on the topic, I think this particular book is a great aid to introduce a different type of family to children. In the original book, which has since been modified, the book discusses artificial insemination of one of the mommies, using words such as "sperm" and"vagina," which is taken out in the newer, revised version on the book. Towards the end of the story, Heather, the daughter, goes to a daycare and is asked to draw a picture of her family. Each child shares their picture and Heather becomes sad; she is upset that she does not have a daddy. Molly, the caregiver, reassured her that she is special because she has two mommies and not every family is the same. There were other children with divorced parents and some with single parents; this book would be a terrific way to discuss various family make-up.

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