Monday, November 24, 2008

Chickerella by Mary Jane and Herm Auch - Traditional Literature

HaHaHa - This book is absolutely hilarious! Chickerella is a story, based off of the traditional Cinderella story with a little twist, about a chicken (Chickerella) who had a wonderful "chickhood" until a fox got into the coop and carried off with her mother. Chickerella's father, now a single rooster, had to raise her alone. Not too long later, Chickerella's stepmother and stepsisters, Ovumelda and Cholestera, show up. Sadly, Chickerella, like in the traditional story, becomes a servant in her own coop. This book seriously had be rolling on the floor; I think that everyone should read this book and the ending is very interesting and different from what you think will happen.

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