Monday, November 24, 2008

Aunt Chip and the Great Triple Creek Damn Affair by: Patricia Polacco

Teachers can use this book to discuss the value of reading and have the students think about how TV can overtake a person's life. To intertwine this book to a lesson, the teacher can have the students keep track of when they watch TV and when they read then discuss what happened in Triple Creek and the effect reading can have on their lives. I enjoyed reading this book and enjoyed Polacco's drawings. Fifty years ago, a big television tower was put up in town and the library closed. Aunt Chip knew the consequences would be great; soon people stopped reading and then eventually could not even remember how! Aunt Chip finally got out of bed and began to teach and educate the children to read, they were reading so much they took books wherever they could. Soon they took books out of the dam and, thanks to karma, a flood caused the television tower to fall down.

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