Monday, November 24, 2008

The Mitten: A Urkranian Folktale by: Jan Brett - Illustrator Study

This book is being retold by Jan Brett; my favorite part of this story is that you can download a mitten and the animals from the story at Jan Brett's web site. This book would be great to read to your younger students, kindergarten to 1st grade, and have them color the animals and then cut them out. During this story, Nicki wants a pair of white mittens and his Baba decides she will make them. Nicki goes outside to play and almost immediately drops a mitten. The main part of the story is told in very large illustrations on each page as a series of animals squeeze themselves into the mitten. This is a simple story with beautiful, eye-popping illustrations; the details in the expressions on the animals faces to the colors used to create this book is my favorite.

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